Referral Programme
Earn 30% commission per referral

How Does It Work

This is a commission based program wherein both you and our company benefit. Every time any one of your referrals make a purchase of our web design services, you get a standard 30% commission.
All you got to do to get the commission is simply mention that this person is referred by you. We will handle all the process of client transaction, communication and service delivery. You just sit back and pass on the referral information to earn your commission


Why Work With Us

Our company focuses mainly on web design and we are masters in delivering high quality web services to SMEs. A complete web solution including web design, hosting, email services, web maintenance, support and so on are offered.

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Our Affiliate Program is great for:

Advertising & Web Agencies

Associations, Clubs, NGOs

Event Organizers & Exhibitors

Virtual Offices

Secretarial & Accountancy Firms

IT Services & Networking Firms

Freelancers & Students

Travel agency

Private seller

Frequently Asked Questions of Referral Program

What do you know about our affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is nothing but an online referral program wherein companies pay every single referrer a particular sum of money as a commission on every single valid referral signup.

What will it cost you to join our affiliate program?
It is absolutely free!

What about the eligibility for our affiliate program?
There are no restrictions on it. Simply, anyone can join our program.

When can I expect the payment?
When the client makes the complete payment for the services obtained, you’ll get the affiliate payout.

What is the payout method?
We will pay you through cheque or bank transfer.

How will I get paid?
Usually we pay using either cheque or wire transfer.

How many products can be promoted at once?
There is no restriction on the number of products that can be promoted by the referrer. You can refer as much as you want.

What about commission on own purchases?
There is no commission on self purchases made. Any self referral commissions found will be eliminated.

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