Add-ons for Web Design

Add-ons for your Web Design !

Business requirements and goals differ hence a custom or business centric add-on makes a great difference overall. You have the option of choosing from wide range of add-ons to enhance or fit your business website. Custom web design is expensive and by opting for add-ons, you are eventually cutting down your costs to a great extent.



Our Website Addons are Affordable

Existing website design package users could make use of these add-ons for improving overall features and performance. Some of you might not need to upgrade to a different web design plan in order to add certain functionality. All you need is a few add-on tools we offer which will do the job for you.

Web Design AddOns Pricing

Add-ons act as a tool in providing additional functionality to your existing web design platform. Every time you need to add a few features to your growing business website, all you got to do is simply add a few add-ons delivering those specific functionalities.

Website addons

  • Domain Purchase: RM 100 Yearly
  • Contact Us form: RM 100
  • WhatsApp live chat Integration: RM 100
  • Social Media Integration: RM 100
  • Website Live Chat Option: RM 150
  • Google Location Map integration: RM 100
  • Additional Pages: RM 100
  • Content Writing: RM 50 per page

Website addons

  • Image Slider: RM 150
  • Logo Design: RM 100
  • Testimonials Plugin: RM 150
  • Basic Paypal Integration: RM 200
  • Payment Gateway integration: RM 500
  • Google Business Page Setup: RM 150
  • eCommerce Plugin integration: RM 800
  • eCommerce Data Entry: RM 30 / Product

Website addons

  • Photography - Studio : RM 2000
  • Rush Job Website: x 2
  • Facebook Page Creation: RM 100
  • Twitter Page creation: RM 100
  • SSL Certificate: RM 100
  • Website Backup Monthly: RM 100 Yearly
  • Content Change in Page: RM 50
  • Picture Gallery (25 images): RM 250

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